Thursday, 8 March 2012

Things that help me with Ledderhose

A sense of inadequacy today!

 For one thing I was chatting with my wife about what she had been doing whilst at was at work and she was between driving lessons and she said she had been ironing the chair sashes from the wedding that we had just sold and was quite frustrated that she had only got about half of them done and was tired. I said that I was more than happy to do some this evening but she said there was no way she would let me stand and do the ironing and even though I have my stall I am still not really in a great position to be able to do that and I had to concede her point (I will come back to the stall in a bit).

The second thing that then happened was everyone at work was talking about this fun run that they are going to do and another person had e-mailed about the one they were doing and I find this so annoying as I would love to be able to run, to walk even a couple of miles and to be able to raise lots of money for charity but let’s face it again that there is no way that I can do that either.  Still I need to pick my battles and there is no point in me getting down about not being able to do the ironing (it hardly ever needs doing anyway) and not being able to go for a run as that is something that just shouldn’t concern me and in fact I am happy the others in the lab are going to do it and are hopefully going to raise some money for some good causes.  Wouldn’t it be nice if one of those causes could be something related to some research for Ledderhose disease?

There are many thing and now many posts that I have made about the different things that I use to help me get through the day so I thought it would be good to stick them all somewhere where they are together so that it is easier for people to find:

Stall: So I have a stall in the kitchen that when my foot is particularly bad I use for the washing and drying up. 

Foot Spa: See my comments here but basically it is a nice warm massage for my feet. 

Snuggle Toes: See here for the warm slippers that help me to get to sleep. 

Walking Stick: New addition that I am trying to take the weight off of my feet. 

Orthotics: Take the weight around the lump and offer much better support than anything else. See here

Wonderful Wife and supportive family: There is nothing like having people that will put up with you moaning about it and give helpful suggestions and great advice. Thanks everyone