Sunday, 26 February 2012

Orthotics Video for Ledderhose

So today I am finally getting round to posting a video of me in the Orthotics. The key things that I am trying to show in this video is the angle of my foot landing, the Orthotics are of course trying to stop me from walking on the side of my foot as although this does divert weight away from the lump it causes many other problems and hopefully the Orthotics can also channel the pain away from the lump but in a more regulated fashion.

I hope that the video is as clear as this is in real life, certainly I think that the best comparison is between the running trainers (which were my main trainer as the other trainers shown are too painful to wear without the orthotics) and the trainers with the orthotics.

One thing that I am happy to see at the moment is not the number of hits on this blog but rather the length of time that some people visiting it are spending on here. I hope this doesn't put people off but I get a report from Google telling me roughly how long people are spending on this blog and the country where they are from so really it is not that much info. Yesterday however was a day where basically all the hits were under a second except one, one person spent over an hour looking at my blog, I am hoping this person is someone who has or someone who knows someone who has Ledderhose and they were on here for so long because they were finding information that was useful to them. The only thing that I have to say to people like that is please please please get in touch, e-mail me or leave a comment on any post you like (or those you don't with why not) or just the forum so that we can get as many people with as much information as possible together talking about this.