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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Ledderhose still has an impact

Ok so I appreciate that I am very lucky when it comes to how my Ledderhose reacted to the radiotherapy and the position I am in now, I am able to run and walk a lot. I am able to play badminton and play games with my daughter, after all I am only 32 and this things should be a given. 

The thing is that radiotherapy is not a cure, it doesn't work for everyone and I still have some issues. In the last year we have been lucky enough to have Merlin passes, this means we can visit numerous attractions in the UK without paying the entry fee (having paid for the passes). Whilst I can happily walk or for that matter run round the parks (running at 10k at Chessington later in the year) my foot does become painful after a day of standing in queues. 

I am again lucky that I have a good relationship with the doctor, Dr Shaffer, that treated me and I was provided with a note stating that standing for long periods of time causes pain. As a result I have a pass that means I don't have to queue, well I have to virtually queue but not actually stand in the queue. In some ways I am so good now that I feel guilty about using this however on the 4th day last week at the parks my foot was starting to really ache and I have no doubt that without the pass this would have start considerably sooner. 

I don't really have many other area's where my foot still impacts my life and for that I thank everyone that helped me to get RT.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Little Update - 7 years post RT

Hmm, well it seems that it has been 7 years since I finished radiotherapy on my left Ledderhose foot. Those that have read the blog will know that it has been quite a transformation since then and as a result I haven't had much to post about. However I am still getting quite a few enquiries and wanted to let these people know that I am still monitoring the blog and the associated e-mail account. 

In 2019, after a knee injury in 2018, I am back to running and am even in some "barefoot" shoes as I find they help my knee. My foot is still fine and I even came 3rd in a race earlier in the year. Sure it was a low-key race but still not a bad thing. 

As always if you have any questions get in touch, if you want to contribute with an interview as a doctor or a patient... get in touch or if you are aware of some research that I might like to see (and try and remember my science degree!!!) then get in touch :-) 

To be honest I don't really have much to say and this was really because I had feedback that a post would be appreciated by some of the readers :-) Here is a picture of me running