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My name is Gary and I am the author of this blog. I am a ledderhose patient from the UK. I am an ex-scientist and hold a degree in Molecular Genetics and I try and put this experience to good use exploring this condition.

I have pages here about the treatment options, patient experiences including my own, insights from medical professionals, explanations of the science and whatever else I think may be useful for fellow patients. Through the blog I have made contacts with many patients, professionals and charities and now work as a trustee for the British Dupuytren's Society.

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Tuesday 25 October 2022

Survey closing soon

Hi Everyone, the survey is coming to an end soon. It doesn't take long and is for any US based Ledderhose patient. If you have had treatments some questions may not apply but you can still complete it.

Please do take part and help gather some data on Ledderhose and its treatments.

Monday 12 September 2022

So I finished 1st at parkrun!

So an update on me and where I am at. On 10th September I ran my 212th parkrun, yey go me, but this one was different to all those that came before as I somehow came 1st. parkrun is a run not a race but there is still something awesome about coming in 1st and something that has never happened to me before. Honestly, I got lucky, out of the 496 Eastbourne parkruns that have taken place only 10-15 have had slower “winning” times. 

On reflection do I really care? It was the slower summer route and hot, and I had run 55 miles this week so was on tired legs. I did get a PB on the route and you can only beat who is there. Still I am chuffed and just have to remind myself that 10 years ago I was using a walking stick because of Ledderhose disease and 8 years ago I was basically twice the size I am now.

So there you go, a former 20 stone, Ledderhose patient that was fasted with no carb managed to be the first finisher at a parkrun. Wonder what the longest number of runs it is to take someone to get the 1st place token, or who else with Ledderhose has ever managed it? 

In case anyone is interested in what happened: 

It was basically a solo time trial. I started at the front with several others that are normally around my time and got to the first corner, 100m or so in, I am normally at least 10th by this point but was in the lead and there was one guy close behind. The guy behind commented that at least someone knew where they were going so guessing it was the tourist who ended up 3rd. I held back through the first k and according to my watch I wasn’t even on for sub-20, often the case on this route as the start is grassy with lots of turns. Around 2km we reached the dip into an underpass, and I decided to pick up my pace and see if I dropped those behind me, up to now I could still hear them close. 

It worked and I dropped him/ them and from that point was just running scared that someone would catch me, was quite surreal being at the front, only ever happened once before in 2016, only for about 500m and I finished 3rd. With around 800m to go you loop back past the start / finish line and I shrugged to the volunteers as if to say, “how is this happening?” the response was “Go on Gary you Legend”. I kept my lead and took a sneaky look back when I reached the last corner (same as the first one) and knew I had a big enough advantage that it was in the bad, I tried by hardest to sprint to the end and got finish token 0001. Was nice as all the volunteers and other faster runners know my background and were all so thrilled for me.

Not going to lie, I really enjoyed it and was a little emotional when thinking back to everything I have been through.