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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Plantar Fibroma and marathon running

Today I came across a story, the story was not primarily about Ledderhose but about a brother becoming a marathon runner after his brother died of one whilst running one himself. However the article mentions that the person in question had to have an operation for a fibroma on his plantar fascia. This keen runner still then goes on to run a marathon and then runs it in 2 hours and 20 minutes which is an amazing time for anyone let along someone who has had a plantar fibroma operated on. 

Now whilst I am not planning on running a marathon, at least not any time soon, I am hoping to beat both my 5 and 10k personal bests this year and work towards training for a 10 mile race next year. I know that my body is coping well with running and it is helping my weight to come down.

It would be great to hear from anyone else that has had any treatment (or none) and gone on to do running. I think from my experience the best advice I could give is to make sure you get proper running trainers and make sure they are the right type for you. I need the ones with the extra support on the outside from where I had been putting all my weight on the outside of my foot.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

RT what is the difference between Electrons and X-rays???

A question I have been asked several times is what is the difference between electron radiation and X-ray radiation when treating these conditions, really all you need to know is that it most likely doesn't matter at a clinical level for Dupuytren's and Ledderhose however knowing more can't harm.

This is not an area that I am well versed in, give me cell biology and I am happy to explain it but this is more like clinical physics so I asked Dr Shaffer. Dr Shaffer has given a very good and clear explanation in the most recent blog post done by the Dupuytren's Practice. The Dupuytren's practice has really started to give out some useful information in the last few weeks. 

I continue to work on data analysis of the patient survey results and have started to gather the responses for this months patient series where I hope to at least get 5 or 6 participants giving us their update. Life is however very busy at the moment, I am coaching badminton for 5 or so hours a week, running 3 times a week and of course have to juggle them with a full-time job and my amazing family. Hopefully I can get back into doing a bit more of this in the next coming months and certainly I will have to if I want to get everything ready for the Symposium in May. If only I was rich or could find a way to do the blog and help patients full-time. 

If anyone has any questions or something they would like to see on the blog then please do let me know. I am happy to look at any treatments or interview any patients.