Patient Interviews

You may also find the patient series posts useful. These are monthly updates from a group of patients and was started in October 2014.

Ledderhose Patients:


My story and an Interview with me Ledderhose patient - at time I had had steroid injection and Orthotics.  

Interview with Luba - Ledderhose patient who has had radiotherapy

Interview with Sarkis - Ledderhose patient who has had radiotherapy

Interview with Spannish Buddha - Ledderhose Patient who has had radiotherapy

Interview with a very helpful Ledderhose patient

Interview with a Ledderhose patient from Oklahoma - Treated with RT

Detailed Interview with Ledderhose and Dupuytren's patient treated with RT by Dr Bajaj in USA


Interview with Becky -  Ledderhose patient - Surgery

Interview with Ohmyfeet - Ledderhose patient - Surgery and family history

Interview with Ellen's Mum and family tree

A patient who has had surgery and provided photos - in the USA and also have DD

Interview with Jeanie - Ledderhose patient who had Tenex minimally invasive surgery in USA

Interview with Adam - A surgery patient from Australia

Interview with Michele - A tenex patient from USA.


Interview with Terry- Patient from Australia treated with TPA (also has DD)

Interview with JGraham - Ledderhose patient about to have Chemotherapy

Patient Experience with Cryo / Verapamil

Laser therapy patient - Judy 

Dupuytren's and Dual sufferers:

(Categorised by LD treatment and then DD treatment if no LD treatment used, if multiple treatments used for LD then they will be under the treatment which they deemed to work best for them)


Interview with Julia - A Ledderhose and Dupuytren's patient who has experience with radiotherapy and Xiapex, there are some very in depth answers here.

Interview with Horus - Dupuytren's Patient 1 who has had radiotherapy

Interview with ChristL - Dupuytren's and Ledderhose patient 2 who has had radiotherapy for DD.

Interview with JHB - Has had Xiapex for Dupuytren's and Radiotherapy for Ledderhose

Interview with Steve, DD and LD patient that has had surgery and radiotherapy 


Interview with petricd - DD, LD and knuckle pad patient who has used Verapamil


Interview with DD and LD patient who had just had DD surgery

Interview with Seph a DD and LD patients that has had relatively successful surgery

Interview with multiple (30) LD surgeries - They give some really good and detailed answers.


Interview with Diane, DD patient who has had Xiapex and other treatments

Other Interviews:

Interview with the wife of a Ledderhose patient

If you have the disease and would like to do an interview then please contact me, the aim is to give as much information to patients before they make their decisions, though of course you should always listen to your doctor. If you want to to be added you don't have to have had surgery or even any treatments just so long as you are willing to give honest answers to some questions it might help someone somewhere.

Note that these are interviews and that the opinions shown are of the interviewee not me, also that this is just one persons experience and everyone reacts differently to treatment but hopefully you find the information above useful.

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  1. I am sure that there is some regional preferences for this disease. I am an orthopedic surgeon. everything started when I moved to Dubai UAE for my practice. in two weeks after my move I started severe pain and tenderness in my soles that made problem in walking which was really painful. inspite of the fact that plantar fasciitis usually improves with time and resolves in 1-2 years, my problem continued and even after moving to Canada last year, I still have it with less extent. 6 months ago I noticed the same features in my right palm in flexor tendons of my little and ring finger which looks like de puytren contracture. When practicing in Dubai I had lots of patients with plantar fasciitis and it was much more common than other regions of my practice.