Saturday, 10 March 2012

Interview with Ledderhose surgery patient with family history of Ledderhose

So today I have another interview with a person who has had surgery for their Ledderhose, not only that but this person also had a family history of this disease, this makes research very important to them as they do not want their 2 daughters to get the disease. Look below to see her answers to some of my questions as well as a family tree showing the disease. Thank you Ohmyfeet from the plantar fibroma support forum.

1) How have you had Ledderhose and long had you had Ledderhose before considering surgery? and what other treatments had you received? Did any of these treatments work at all?

I have had the lumps for several years without pain. But have been having trouble with them for more than a year. I had previously had injections in several nodules, which was more painful than surgery!! My Dr did not numb it first but used both in the same syringe. Now I am not a wieney when it comes to pain, I had two children without any pain meds, I broke my foot on my way to have a stress test and went ahead and ran on the treadmill and passed with flying colours, only to hobble down to the ER after X rays the Ortho Dr came in and said you are tough!! I spent the next 6 weeks in a cast.

2) Were you at the stage where you couldn't walk before you had surgery / what sort of pain were you in?

I was at the point that sleep was interrupted and I work in a factory and stood all day (recently my Dr. had written a note and was able to sit as needed).

3) What kind of surgery did you have? Did you just have the lump removed or the entire fascia?

 My surgery was a cross between the two, as there were several nodules and each required that the healthy tissue accompanying the nodule be removed, I had several nodules, one of which was about the size of a walnut. Only the affected band of fascia was removed.

4) How did surgery go? How long did the surgery take and what was recovery time like / expected to be like and did / will you have to spend long on crutches?

My surgery took about 2 1/2 hours and I was told that the tissue they removed was about 5 x 3 x 1....I cannot image how much they would have had to take in order to remove all the bands of fascia. I had a nerve block at the knee which kept the foot numb for 2 full days, which was followed by a couple of days of pain meds (which I do not tolerate well). Crutches sucked so after two days I got a knee scooter which was wonderful. Everyone has their own pain tolerance and when you reach your breaking point you too will decide to have surgery, unless of course there are new treatments available.

5) How long ago was the surgery? How was recovery?

I had the surgery four weeks ago today and there is still some numbness in my foot. Each day I feel better. I have been somewhat mobile since the stitches were removed but incisions are hard and painful. I am scheduled to return to work in four weeks, I cannot imagine at this point standing all day. At four weeks post surgery after being out for an hour I must elevate and ice in order to assist in pain management.

6) Would you say that the surgery was worth it? and would you recommend it to people that have Ledderhose? Would you consider having it again?

At this time I don't know if I will have the other foot done.

7) Did you know about the chances of the disease returning after surgery?

Yes, I was very aware of the reoccurrence rate, but given the fact that my podiatrist had to remove so much tissue I (we) felt like with the removal of 90% of the medial band of fascia, that my chances were lower. Hopefully this calculation was correct

I also had one nodule that was in the distal band (which was directly below my fifth metatarsal) which was removed at the same time, although through a separate incision, this lump was not visible but could be palpated under the skin, this came back as not a fibroma but more in the category of a cyst.

I hope we can be of help to people who have this disease.