My posts on different treatment options are shown below:

Treatments  - My summary of several of the treatments. I have also made this into a video here

Steroid Injections in detail - Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience with this.

Orthotics in Detail - Feel free to ask me any questions about my experiences with this

Cryosurgery - I do not have any experience with this but I have tried to cover it as best I can.

Radiation Treatment for Ledderhose - Also see the interview page for many good experiences with this.

Surgery - also see the interviews with patients on the interview page.

Verapamil Gel - Not sure I could recommend this but the page is here if you want a look.

Shockwave ESWT and here- Still early stages but this study at least looks promising

A lot of people might find that the interviews are easier to read, note that they are just one persons opinion and how one person reacts to the treatment and that everyone is different.


  1. Have you heard of a 12 year old boy being diagnosed with plantar fascia fibroma? This runs in the family, I am 56 year old female and mine started about 5 years ago. My mother has it on both feet and both hands. It is hard to find information on this disease.

  2. I have not heard of a 12 year old boy but I have come across a 5 year old girl (I think) who had this condition with quite an extensive family history of Dupuytren's. For those look at this interview with the child's mother and also at their family tree

    It is very hard to find lots of information on this disease which is why I started this blog. If you want to ask some specific questions then please get in touch see the e-mail on the left (ledderhosedisease@gmail(dot)com (replacing (dot) with a . it also sounds like you might be able to pass on some information to others considering the family history you have.

    I am sorry to hear about the child who has this, as I am sure you know it can be very painful and there is annoyingly little we can do about it.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.