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Ledderhose Videos: YouTube videos on Ledderhose disease
British Dupuytrens Society - A charity that work towards raising money to help research and more for Dupuytren's and Ledderhose. Has lots of useful information and be sure to check the IDS forum as it has lots of useful and friendly members.  Facebook page for British Dupuytren's Society or follow them on twitter @Dupuytrens

The Dupuytren's Disease Support Group - Fantastic American based support group

The Plantar Fibroma Runners Group - Running group for PF patients.
The Dupuytren's Practice - This is where I got my radiotherapy treatment in the UK. 

Xstrahl - This is the company that makes the equipment that is often used to treat Ledderhose and is the equipment that was used to treat me. 

Dupuytren's International Forum - A great forum with lots of information on Ledderhose and Dupuytren's.

A Ledderhose blog by a French patient - Patient has had cryotherapy and look like it is easy to translate this using Google Translate and the owner is going to try and do a better job of posting some stuff in English as well. 

Radiotherapy in Germany, a Dupuytren's patient experience - A great page with loads of information from a patient who received radiotherapy in Germany. He also produced a chart for treatment options for Dupuytren's patients which is really helpful and is quite similar to the options for Ledderhose.

Wikipedia page on Plantar Fibromas - Has some useful information.

An expensive book all about Dupuytrens and related diseases - I have this book, if you want more information then please message me.

A Dupuytren's Patient experience with radiotherapy in Germany

Dupuytren's Contracture Institute - Some useful information on here about Dupuytren's.

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