For those who do not know I have a background in science and scientific research so I like to keep my self and you all updated with the latest and sometimes the outdated research on Ledderhose and related disorders like Dupuytren's. I have tried to collated all of my more science based post below. 

Note this was last updated on: 23/10//2014 - Any posts after this date will not be on here and let me know if I have missed any. 

Does a mitochondrial mutation cause Dupuytren's Contracture?

Can scar formation be used as a useful model for Ledderhose and Dupuytren's? - Here I look at scar formation and see if it is a useful research area for Ledderhose and Dupuytren's patients. 

Xiaflex in cells - Trying to help you understand, maybe - Here I am looking at a paper where they have looked at Xiaflex, one of the treatment options for patients, when used in cells from patients. 

My review of: Dupuytren's Disease: Review of the Current Literature - Here I try to review and simplify a review of Dupuytren's. 

IGF-2 and its relationship to Ledderhose and Dupuytren's - Here I look at a chapter of a book on these diseases and have a look at how the expression of something called IGF-2 maybe related to LD and DD. 

How common is Ledderhose? In this post I try to summarise all the data I can find on this question... In a nutshell it is either very very rare or actually quite common. 

Treatment with Radiation  Here I look at a paper that looks at radiation treatment for Ledderhose, for more details on this kind of treatment go to the treatments page and have a look at the radiation page. 

Analysis of dupuytrens cells - Here I look at one of the chapters of the book on DD and related disease, they look at disease cells compared to normal cells using Microarray analysis and find some differences. 

Late Complications after Collagenase treatments

Dupuytren's cells in another paper - This time they are looking at normal cells and dupuytren's cells again.

Calorie Restriction and its possible impact on Dupuytren's and related conditions - A review written by me of the literature and how it may link to this condition.

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