Sunday, 22 January 2012

Foot Spaaaah: Helped my Ledderhose

Foot Spa:

At Christmas I was one lucky man as I was given a foot spa to give my foot little feet a bit of a break from the plantar fibroma pain and allow them to relax and sit back in bubbles, heat and vibrations. I think it is this one or one like it and I am shocked at the negative reviews that I have seen so far MySpa Foot Spa.

Basically it is a little tub that can hold your feet, it has little nodules on the bottom and you press the button on the top to get it started, one press is massage only which I have to say I don't find does much but my partner loves it, whilst a second press will give you bubbles and some heat to help keep the water warm. I tend to start by filling it up with pretty warm water as with a product like this you can imagine that the heat that it does provide isn't fantastic but then for the price and time they say you should use it for I am ok with that.

I whack my feet in and I don't know if it is just the warm soothing water or the bubbles but the aches and pains in my feet are swiftly forgotten, they fade away and I can relax. The actual product itself is quite noisy but I can hear the TV over it very easily and can really relax, might be easier with some headphones on though. Not much else I can say about it really other than when I take my feet out they do start hurting again but for about 20minutes I have much less pain and love to relax in this. Since the flu left me I have been trying to use this once a day and enjoy my time in it.

Below is a picture of the foot spa followed by a video of it bubbling away.

The foot spa

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