Wednesday, 14 May 2014

We've moved

Just a quick update. 

We have now moved house all fine, we should have the internet back next week and hopefully I can get into some more research then. 

I would really like to hear from anyone in the UK who has had verapamil. I am mainly interested in the process you went through to get the medication. I admit I am not convinced that it helps greatly but a lot of patients do seem to see the condition at least slow when using it. 

My understanding from a quick search of the internet is that you buy it in tablet form and get the pharmacy to make it into a gel. My foot is still all ok and hopefully it stays that way. Now we have moved I am hoping to get back into running as I have not done much since I did the 10k in November and picked up an injury. 

To finish off I have attached a picture I took this morning from the master bedroom of our new house, it is certainly much nicer than the view of buses going past that we had in the old place.