Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Update 2 years after starting Radiotherapy for Ledderhose

It has been a while since I have written a proper blog post and I thought it was about time there was a serious update. Looking at the calendar this morning I realised that it must be almost 2 years since I finished the first week of radiotherapy. I looked it up and it has now been 2 years and 2 days since I finished the first week, so much has happened in that time it is hard to believe that it has really only been 2 years.

Looking back through the e-mails that I sent when arranging the radiotherapy, both to Dr Shaffer’s team and to my family I can see the desperation coming through, realising how much money was required but also the urgency. I was given 2 options for appointment time which were 2 weeks apart and we took the earlier even though it was at a very inconvenient time because we knew we wanted it done asap.

Back at that time things were really bad and I don’t think about that on a day to day basis and when I do it brings back the pain and I can remember how hard every little thing was and I am so relieved that radiotherapy worked so well for me and so grateful for all the fund raising that everyone did for me and the support I had throughout.

It reminds me that others are currently in that place and that is why I keep the blog going.

So 2 years after I started the radiotherapy I can do most things without considering my foot, I play badminton and I do the gardening (in boots without orthotics and this is ok as long as I don’t try and push down on a spade where the lump is/was) and I go up and down the stairs hundreds of times carrying plasterboard and at the end of the day I am not in pain. 

I would love for the blog and the associated forum / Facebook (I just looked and 2 new likes this morning!!!) to grow so that as many different people from as many different backgrounds in different situations can all find someone else out there that is in the same place.

If anyone has any recommendations of a blog post they would like to see or thinks there is some information missing or if they would like to do an interview or perhaps they are thinking there is another way I could provide information then please do contact me.