Friday, 19 October 2012

No Phyio? DIY walking repair

Shorter post today on my trip to the doctors this morning. I went to see the GP to get referred for physiotherapy as although my foot has not been hurting I have been struggling to walk due to other pains cropping up where I have become dependent on the stick. The Dr told me that it will likely take at least  3 months for me to get an appointment to have physio so my best bet for now is to try and lean myself off of the stick and to try and walk further and further without it without have the issues mentioned above. 

I am still preparing for a gentle return to badminton and today I got some new badminton trainers, well actually they are squash trainers but from what I have read on the internet the difference is not all that great and I was happy to get them for the price I did as the badminton ones were at least double the price. The reason though that I did not get the badminton specific ones is because none of them were wide enough to fit my orthotics inside. 

I will wear them with light socks when I go outside so as not to scare everyone away.

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