Wednesday, 17 October 2012

5 things I don't really miss?

It has almost been a year since I started this blog, in fact my first post was made on 14 November so it is under a month until my first birthday. The success of the blog has far exceeded my expectation but perhaps that is something I will talk about in the 1 year post that I'll try to remember to do. But for today I want to look back at a post that I made in my second week of blogging. The post was entitled 5 things I miss and can be found here - 5 things I miss.

I was thinking about this list the other day because I really can't think of anything that I particularly miss from back before this all started and was not sure if that was because it has been going on so long that I had forgotten or because I do not miss these things because they are no longer important or because I can do them again now so here is the list: 

"1) Going for walks with the Mrs (along the beach)

2) Going for a run (on the treadmill)

3) Playing Badminton (I used to play for my local team)

4) Not having to worry in advance whether I am going to have to walk too much. For example I am going to a wedding in December at which I have been told there will be lots of singing but I am not going to be able to stand for that length of time.

5) Not feeling bad about myself, I loved, well I liked to do the work around the house for the Mrs, I still try my best but she is very caring and won't let me do too much now without telling me off, that's right a Mrs who moans at you when you do housework."

The list was compiled whilst I was on quite a low so hence such a bad tone to it and that is the thing that strikes me straight away, how much I was letting it get to me, some of this was understanding and some of it was just not knowing what to do but still onto looking at the list:  

1) I can now go for walks and with the stick these can be for quite a long time, to be honest I didn't miss them that much anyway as I still got to spend good quality time with my wife playing cards and watching TV etc. 

2) I still can't run and this is something that I do still miss but not that much, I can at least now walk on a treadmill and I can cycling probably for longer than I could when all of this started. 

3) Playing badminton is something that I miss greatly but hope to get back into it soon and hopefully I can take some coaching courses and will be able to make up for my lack of being able to play to my best my teaching loads of people how to play, at least that is the hope. Who knows if all goes well I should be able to make a little pocket money, teach the kid(s) and I have a blog and perhaps a website planned to work on this over the next couple of years. I am thinking of calling a badminton blog, Yoda Badminton as when thinking of me returning to the court I thought of me walking up with my stick and then jumping onto the court and beat all my friends (sorry guys but it is true) and this reminded me of Yoda in Star Wars hobbling along with his stick and then jumping around to fight the dark side. 

4) Basically the same as number 1, although I still don't want to walk too far I can walk if I need to with the stick and get quite far. 

5) How things have changed, with my wife suffering from severe morning sickness I am doing almost everything (though I doubt to the stand of my wife)... anyone fancy doing some hoovering or ironing some shirts then please let me know. 

So it is far to say that I am in a much better place physically and also mentally and hopefully when my one year blogversary comes round I can think that actually it may have been a painful year but it was certainly productive and I haven't really lost that much at all, I mean look at what I have gained I am now married with a baby on the way, I couldn't be happier and I think that says it all.

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