Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Appointment Tomorrow:

Tomorrow I am once again making the trip up to Guildford to see Dr Shaffer. 

This is my 3 month follow up appointment and the last time that I saw him was at the start of my second weeks treatment which was 16th July (or there about) and this also means that I have been in my current job for 3 months as well and that my wife is 2 ½ months pregnant so I am looking forward to getting his professional opinion on how things are going. I imagine I will be posting an update tomorrow evening. Just a short post this evening on things to come, I have now started the badminton yoda blog (with this one remaining my priority) that I mentioned a few days ago and one of my things to cover is going to be injuries / problems that stop you from playing badminton and the first thing on that list will of course be Ledderhose disease, perhaps if I can get some sort of following can spread the word about this condition to another audience. 

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