Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Exercise, suits and Olympic torch

So this week I have been continuing my treatment and things have been going as expected, interestingly one of the nurses that treats me said that several patients have mentioned my blog / website since I last visited, if anybody is there this week and sees me then please say hi as I always like to know what people think and any advice they might have on how things can improve. 

This week has seen other things happen as well. I tried out my new work outfit and things were a little snugger that I would like but I need to lose weight and this is the jump start I need, a new career and a new me, well in body at least, I mean hopefully I can lose two lumps the first being the one in my foot and the other being the one that makes up my belly. 

Therefore I took it upon myself to go and do a ride on an exercise bike that is up in the local (free) gym. For those who don't live in the UK the summer this year has been worse than a traditional British Summer and so I have not been able to get out on a bike like I wanted to as I do find that this is not as bad on my foot as using the exercise bike. Whilst using the exercise bike for 20 minutes I did not find that my foot was too bad and I even did some weights afterwards though only 8kg. I then went home and this is when the pain kicked in, both in the lump and in the good old achilles injury that I have in my other foot. 

This post it a bit disjointed as I am now going to jump off and mention that I saw the Olympic torch on Tuesday. To be honest it was just a flame but it is about what it symbolises more than it looking impressive. Especially if you see what the para-Olympic athletes are capable of and it kind of makes me ashamed of how overweight I have let myself get because of my foot. 

 That is my week so far.