Monday, 16 July 2012

Improvement seen

So as today  I started my second week of radiotherapy and at the start I saw Dr Shaffer again. I told him how I was in less pain when at rest and although it still hurt when walking I though that the lump was getting smaller. He had a look and found it much harder to find the lump compared to last time and said that it was much less prominent and he was sure just from feeling it that it was smaller. 

He then used the outline that they had used last time and from that confirmed that it was indeed smaller based on the fact that he would have had to have been far too generous to have used the margins he did last time. This is of course great news as it means there is something changing and hopefully this will lead to normal foot functionality again. 

He did say again that he does notice that there is often not any improvement until about 7 weeks after the first treatment but that a lot of people will come back for their second week and say that last week they saw an improvement. But this is a slow process and hopefully although it might be another 7 weeks I might again see an improvement over the coming weeks and into the future. 

I then went and had my treatment as usual and it was quick and easy and I was on my way out and just have the rest of the week to go before having a final consultation with him in about 3 months time.  Maybe this weekend I will try and take a picture and put it side by side with the picture I took just before radiotherapy.