Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Improvement after Radiotherapy continues

Today I managed to do something that even as recent as a month ago I would not have dreamt of doing, whether aided by being off of my feet more of the time in general or whether just through the improvements of radiotherapy I was able to walk more with almost no discomfort and certainly the pain level is mostly reduced when walking to 10% of that I had before starting radiotherapy. 

Today as part of my new job I as making a trip to the London office and one of the major finance buildings in London and it turned out that there was a 20 minute walk from the nearest train station and I was fairly pessimistic about my chances of making it there without a break of some kind, still about 1/2 way there my new boss asked how my foot was and if I was ok to continue and I was like well actually it is coping much better than I thought and I made it to the London office in relatively little pain and was chuffed that I made it without stopping.

We were then sitting down for a while and I had no twinges or real pain and was very happy, the next part however was a tour of a building. The actual tour of the building was fine but at one point we were standing for a good 15 minutes or so and this was very painful and hasn't really improved.

I think this means that at the moment I am on 2 of 3 goals for the radiotherapy have been met.

  1. Reduce and stop pain when at rest - YEP 
  2. Reduced pain when walking - YEP 
  3. Reduce pain when standing - Maybe next month?
  4. This is not a real one as such but get me to the position where I can play badminton again, hopefully I can do this before the end of the year, anybody up for a good thrashing? 

The Olympics start very soon now (in fact although the opening ceremony has not taken place I have some of the football from the games on in the background) and today whilst in London I saw the Stadium (from a great distance) and some of the stuff that has been put up around London like the below picture. (You might have to enlarge the picture to max to see the properly)

I am now getting more hopeful that radiotherapy will help me and hopefully will hold this condition at bay for years to come so that when I have kids I can go out and at least beat in goal even if I still feel too nervous to kick the football and teach them badminton and cricket and just be able to do more around the house to help out again. I intend to update my story which was the original post and already has one update to include this radiotherapy section and will post it next as my 200th post. 

Thanks to everyone for their support which enabled me to get radiotherapy which if I continue on my current recovery path will have been really life changing...