Saturday, 31 March 2012

Things to discuss with specialist

So as many of you will know I have my next appointment with the foot specialist on Monday and I have lots of things that I want to discuss with him. Last time that I went I was fairly happy with the way the orthotics were working but this has changed drastically since then and I am now unhappy with the way that things are so I have many things to discuss with him.
  1. More lumps? or just complications - I have been getting more and more pain towards the toes on my left foot and I am wondering if I have a lump down there or I am sure I have heard some people mention cords in the foot. I must admit that I cannot feel anything but perhaps something that might suggest there is something came up in the MRI? Though I am not sure how big an area they covered. That the pain now is enough that I am often struggling to walk, using a walking stick from time to time and it can stop me from getting to sleep and has once or twice in the last few weeks woken me up, I was checking this morning and I am sure the lump is getting bigger again. It is also now starting to affect my work and that I have times where my foot goes numb along the base and what does he make of that?
  2. My Right foot - This has been feeling increasingly painful in the arch and in a specific area and in this area I think I can feel a lump so I am wondering if I maybe getting it bilateral but I am not sure and perhaps I am just being paranoid.
  3. Can I have a copy of my MRI pictures?
  4. Pain relief, can I have some please?
  5. What does he think is the best option for me now?
  • Is it radiotherapy and is it in another country or this country?
  • Is it Xiapex or some similar injection?
  • A gel like Verapamil? - I have heard many more stories of this not working rather than working.
  • Is it, in his opinion, surgery? (which I will avoid)

I will of course be trying to remember everything that went on and will hopefully be able to post back in details what the guy said and whether I found it helpful or pointless. If I see the same guy as I saw last time I am at least hopeful that he can advise me on what he genually feels is the best option as he will know about radiotherapy and the other options but if I get the guy I saw the first time I think I will probably be making a complaint to the NHS about the lack of knowledge that this guy has.

In order to go armed I will be taking my book, the Dupuytren's Disease and Related Hyperproliferative disorders book with me as I know it at least mentions radiation to treat Ledderhose and Xiapex to treat Dupuytren's.