Monday, 5 March 2012

Right foot!

I know I have probably said this several times before but I think I may also be getting the damn thing in my other foot. I am not sure still but there is definitely a small lump that is in an area that I have started to associate with regular pain. Don't get me wrong it is nothing like the other foot and hopefully it will not go that way as one of the things that is keeping me on my feet at the moment is that I can rest my left foot by standing on my right foot. Not sure what will happen if I also have this blasted thing in my right foot... For now though I am not going to worry about that as I may just have pulled the fascia when I woke up and the lump is just a coincidence or something like that. 

I think that one thing this disease does make you is paranoid. I have heard of people that have it bilaterally and in the literature it is stated that it being bilateral is not uncommon therefore once you have it in one foot you start thinking you have it in the other foot. Fingers crossed this is just in my mind....