Monday, 5 March 2012

My Day

Right then so I am going to start off by taking the big positive from today after my scare this morning my right foot is not hurting. Now because it is not hurting doesn’t mean that the lump that I felt has gone away because it hasn’t but at the same time it is a huge relief as I thought that when it hurt this morning that was it and it was going to be as painful as my left foot.

It is fair to say that right now I am feeling a bit stupid because my left foot took a few years before it was hurting all of the time and another 6 months of more or less constant pain before it reached anywhere near the level of pain that I am in now. On top of that today I managed to do a lot more lab work sitting down and this did help the pain in my left foot, still hurts a lot when I stand but that’s nothing new.

Now that I am writing lots of science posts for the blog I am wanting to write something a little less hard and so was wondering what I could do that would still be related to my foot and also raise awareness. I have always wanted to write a book, sure I was figuring that it would be a crime-thriller book as I love all the books by Jeffery Deaver and James Patterson and many other authors like that but I do not have the knowledge to be able to write that sort of thing. I was then thinking I could write a sort of short story type thing (see how good I am with words) that is partly based on real-life in which a kid finds out he has Ledderhose and the story through that. Not sure whether I can make it interesting enough to be a decent read but I don’t think it is going to hurt me trying, I mean stick in a love interest here (thinking of 14/15 when I say kid and not 4/5) a few bullies there and maybe it can be interesting. Then all I have to do is put it on the internet for free and watch it sell in its millions and soon everyone will now about Ledderhose disease muahahahaha.

Still the odds of that happening are very unlikely as for one I have to write the book and for two I have to make it interesting and for three I have to actually get it online and the list goes on. Still I think that it would be a really cool way of spreading the word about both Dupuytren’s disease and Ledderhose disease, I mean I could easily make a diary and science mix by just compiling my different blogs post together but I am not sure that I want to do that.