Monday, 12 March 2012

Just another day

Woo I have made an appointment and woo my wife is now a fully qualified driving instructor well done :-). 

So today I managed to make the appointment to see the foot specialist again. I made it for the earliest possible time that they had which was 3pm on Monday 2nd April. It was not as simple as me just phoning up though, not  of course as with everything else regarding the treatment I have had (with the exception of the orthotics) it had to take a bit of a rough trip to get there.

So first of all I phoned up and they said that I had been discharged despite the fact that the specialist has promised not to do this so I was very annoyed at this point. For anyone who is not aware this is what happened to me last time. When I was in a different hospital I went to an appointment after my steroid injection and said look yes it is a little better. Then in a few months it got bad again and I tried to make an appointment and they said oh no you got discharged you need to get referred again.

She then said she would look for the letter to see what it said (my discharge letter) and she couldn’t find it. I then had to explain what happened in the appointment and that the guy said I could go back when it got worse.

Hmm she said I will have to have another look for the letter, she then proceeded to hunt around for it and eventually she found something that agreed with my statement and so after putting me back on the system I was able to make an appointment. Still what should have been a no stress, 2 minute phone call turned into a slightly stressful 10 minute phone call.

I guess at the end of the day I got an appointment and that is all that counts and the appointment is for a date much closer than I was expecting and actually much closer than anyone else was expecting. 2nd April is actually the day after we are celebrating my Nan and Grandads 60th wedding anniversary which is a fantastic achievement.

On other things my foot was of course painful again today. This seems to be the case everyday now and if anything the time at which it starts getting bad is getting earlier and earlier. I have also been writing the much anticipated book that will have a main character the develops Ledderhose (basically it is my story but slightly different) although I doubt that 1) I will finish it, 2) I will let anyone else read it and 3) that anyone else will want to read it. Still if I do 1) then maybe I will be proud enough of it to do 2) and then maybe it will actually be good and some people will read it and it will raise awareness for Ledderhose and Dupuyten’s and I am sure that I will advertise the British Dupuytren’s society (BDS) in there and maybe that will help them gain money.

I have heard from them today and I have rattled off a few questions to ask them and I am awaiting their response, if anyone wants me to ask someone questions for them then just let me know. They are also no in the process of joining myDonate by BT, this should make raising money for them through sponsored events much easier and is better than the alternatives like Just giving as it is free for the charity.

I think that is enough for now and I hope to get round to doing another post from my amazing book soon enough.