Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Very bad pain

Well you know how I said yesterday that the pain was getting worse earlier and earlier well today or I guess tomorrow which ever way you look at it the pain just didn't stop and I was having twinges all night and it took me longer to get to sleep than normal and although I don't know if it was what woke me up I did wake up about 2 hours earlier than normal and it was already hurting.

I got up as normal but then had to request that my wife help with the jobs that I normally like to do which is making the breakfast and lunch and this was when she realised that something was wrong, well more wrong than normal. I then sat down for my breakfast which I finish, she then asked how I was and I guess I mumbled, this was then followed by are you in pain at which point I broke down. I don't mind the pain so much, well ok so I still hate it but when it gets worse throughout the day I can still do buts and bobs in the morning and I can still make it most of the way through a day at work but when it is there at night and persists through to the morning I really really really hate it. I mean the pain is getting to a level where I am finding it hard to live with it, the kind of pain where despite seeing people on-line saying do NOT ever consider surgery I am starting to think that it is my only option left. I am going to make sure that next time I go to the specialist I am going to ask them about non-NHS options and see what they say and recommend.

I am also going to the doctors this morning as my wife refused to let me go to work, well ok she said I can go to work if I think that I am going to be able to cope for more than 5 minutes and I said well I need to go to the doctors and get pain killers as I cannot work like this. So I have called the doctors and I will be going up there and seeing if I can get some pain relief.

I will try and keep everyone updated...