Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wedding preperations

So today was quite a painful day. I do not think that this was because of yesterday when I was on my feet quite a lot but rather I think that this was because of the time that we had to spend on our feet at the wedding venue trying to decorate the place.

The decorations in the evening room was left down to me and I wasn’t sure what we wanted to do as we didn't really want to spend lots of money but at the same time I wanted them to look great, really great. It was actually my idea in the end and something that I have put a lot of effort into making look great. We have round the outside of the room lots of photos of me and my partner starting at opposite ends as babies and then meeting in the middle.  The completed effect is fantastic and it was about my best idea for the wedding and I cannot wait for tomorrow.

My foot is being really bad and I am hoping that tomorrow is ok, I am taking trainers to change into if I need to at the end of the photos as I am not sure how supportive the shoes are and they are not going to help my Ledderhose too much compared to the same things in my trainers.