Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wedding and honeymoon update with Ledderhose

A round up of my foot over the last couple of weeks:

So as regular readers will know I have not been around for the last couple of weeks because I got married on Monday 13th February 2012 to my wonderful and brilliant partner. I was apprehensive about how my foot would cope with the demands of the wedding day and the expectations that are placed on the wedding couple. I am happy to say that the day was a wonderful success and everyone who I have spoken to has had a fantastic time and my Ledderhose did not get in the way. I was wearing my amazing orthotics that so far have done a great job of easing my pain.

So on the day I was up and down a lot and standing around for photos and then of course for my ten minute speech and the first dance, as well as not being able to let down one of the little girls I had a dance round the dance floor with her. I did have some side effects the next day but it was not as bad as I was expecting and I have basically spent the last week sitting in the sun so I can have no complaints there.

My plans for now are to get a few more posts on here about the science side of things and I have a few e-mail alerts from when I was away about Ledderhose and Dupuytren's so I look forward to seeing if they are any good.