Sunday, 5 February 2012

Little Ledderhose Update

So today was a good day in many ways. For starters we avoided the snow that had covered much of the UK, we missed it by about fifty metres. This annoyingly meant that the better half had to cancel her lessons but we got to spend the whole day just chilling.

We decided to make the most of it and headed out for lunch. I knew that we were probably going to be walking for 15minutes each way and had the back up plan of getting the bus back. I was very surprised that actually I was ok not only going out but also for the most part coming back. To be honest at the moment it is being a bit weird about when it decides to hurt, sure it did hurt later in the day when I had to pop round the shop to get healthy cake ingredients and this did make me walk with a noticeable limp but also it is twinging more when I am sitting down at the moment rather than when I am standing up and my toes are feeling the strain at the moment. 

For people that don't come here often one of the problems that I and others with Ledderhose suffer from is a lack of ability to bend their toes and this causes pain of course because what do you do when you are walking? Today more so than recently this has been a source of pain, I am getting a lot of pain down hear my toes. 

Overall I cannot complain as I managed 15 minutes walking each way and although I am in pain and there is the toes problem it was a nice relaxing day and I used the foot spa this morning :-)