Thursday, 8 December 2011


I am annoyed today, not at anyone else, but actually at myself. Today my foot is killing me, every step I am in pain and every step hurts, then you have the twinges of pain which really hurt. Why today? Well it probably has something to do with having to jump on a bus and train this morning, this is something that I don't mind doing, especially as I am normally so lucky to get a lift in it. I don't actually think that this was the cause but I think it was a contributing factor, in itself it is not that much walking, only an extra 20 steps or so to get to the bus rather than the car and getting from the bus to the train is not actually that far but it all adds up, especially as coming from the train station to work is a distance I don't like to travel nowadays. Then in the evening I had the pleasure of doing the reverse trip, much worse because now my foot is hurting and the train the running late due to a fallen tree and a baby decides to scream the whole way back. 

Up until last year I would walk to the train station which was a good 30minute walk and then the 10 minute walk from the station to work. I used to do this with ease and it is something that I should be able to do with ease and I hate that now I am reduced to not being able to do that with ease. Today I have not walked a great distance, on top of what I have mentioned there is the usual walk around the lab and the trips up and down the stairs yet I am in a real load of pain. 

Yesterday however everything was really good and I was not in too much pain until the end of the day, at the end of the day it was admittedly bad and so I should have predicted what was going to happen today. Yesterday I was happy with my effort at home, I did quite a lot of washing and cleaning and cooked 2 lots of dinners and managed to make what I consider to be a really nice ginger cake. Fingers crossed that I get something back from one of the things on my waiting list, I mean I am not expecting the blue badge thing to come back straight away but it would be nice as you would think that the only reason that someone would be applying for this badge is because they need it and therefore they would try and make sure that there is not too much of a drag on things. I am also waiting from the orthotics appointment to come through, not sure how long this should take but I was given the distinct impression that the waiting list was not that long and that I should get this sooner rather than later. The MRI I am not expecting to arrive that soon but it would be nice if it came so that I could plan for it, as long as they get it in the right place rather than the one that is over an hour away and it doesn't fall on the day of my wedding / whilst we are on honeymoon I don't mind. The one that I am going to chase up though is one that I am supposed to be having with "foot health", my Physio referred me for this and I have not yet heard from them. Guess the time has come to call them and see what happens, hopefully they have the referral....