Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A day of waiting and hope

I have done it, I have sent off the application form for the blue badge, now just wait and see, at least there can only be a few answers, yes, no or come for an assessment, I am dreading if they ask for an assessment. Mainly because I am wondering if I am having a good day and if it is after I have been good and been sitting down will it come across how much pain I am in. I am not someone that is capable of lying to them about this and pretending that I am having a worse case scenario day, I can easily explain to them what a worst case day is like and how bad it has gotten but they will only have my word to go on.

I do think though that getting this will help me be able to stop the pain from building on my bad days, so fingers crossed I can get the help that I need and fingers crossed even more that I won't need it for long.

It was also made clear to me today that I might be in line for a foot spa type device for Christmas which would be nice, well hopefully it will feel nice and maybe even help my foot feel a little bit better.

I am also eagerly awaiting letters for both the footwear people and for the MRI, kind of excited about the MRI as it will be cool, that's the geek showing, to be able to see my feet is such detail. Today the pain has varied, not surprising after the punishment it got yesterday morning. For anyone that is interested I did a google search for MRI and plantar fibroma to see what I might be able to see and saw this:

I'll make sure post whatever it is that mine end up looking like and I am looking forward to seeing my foot in such detail (as I said about 2 seconds ago). I am also hoping that getting the inserts for shoes and things sorted might enable me to stand and walk for longer with less pain and that would be a victory, muahahaha.