Friday, 9 December 2011

An appointment on Thursday

Ok so today I had to do some walking and yeah my foot now hurts. We had out work Christmas meal and it was nice and I enjoyed the day. Interestingly whilst talking to one of my fairly new colleagues he explained that he had to have a lump cut out of his foot, sounds like a slightly different thing as first of all (from what I think he said) it sounds like they tried almost of file it away and then as it came back they removed it and all is now good. From what I have heard about Plantar Fibromas and lumps in the foot in general I find it hard to imagine what else it could be but it just sounds like he had it so easy, well when it came to treatment as he also said he got the the point where he was struggling to walk and was suffering quite badly. Maybe it was the same thing, I will try and get round to asking him before Christmas, if it is then it is nice to hear of a good surgical outcome.... he described the lump as pea sized which would make it quite a lot smaller than the one I have but at the same time sounds like it must have been extremely painful.

Anyway some good news on the appointment front, I heard from the people who are going to make the specialist insoles and I am seeing them on Thursday, very exciting, I am really hoping that this is going to help me with my foot on a general being able to stand and walk on it basis, not a cure and not a miracle but something that will help.

Fingers crossed