Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I am just posting this morning to vent, vent my rage at this stupid, little, annoying, painful, destroying, frustrating, pain in the butt, did I say stupid? stupid lump.

I am in pain all the time with it, it made getting to sleep last night difficult, it made waking up this morning depressing, my foot just hurts and hurts, many people noticed me limping yesterday who hadn't before, this is how bad it is getting, this is how debilitating it is getting.

How am I supposed to continue with my job? With my life if I can't stand, can't walk and don't get all the sleep that I need, this morning I was in pain and depressed, I cried again, my wonderful partner then insists on doing everything, despite the fact that this holds us up in the morning and she has to do 2 hours extra work after work I have no choice but to let her, I feel helpless and useless and that is the most annoying thing of all, I want to be the one looking after her, I want to be the one to make her breakfast every day as I have since we started going out, I want to be the one to make her smile in the mornings not make her sad because I am sad.