Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Foot Update

Well today is going to be a short and boring post, that really makes you want to read on huh?

Anyway today has been horrific, not sure that I can remember a day when my foot was worse, it was so so painful and I was really struggling to walk, I even got to the point where I actually e-mailed the local authority to ask if they feel it is worth while me applying for a disabled badge for my partners car. For anyone from the UK I will keep this blog updated on whether I get a positive reply from this or not and what the final outcome is.

Anyway the only way is up tomorrow, that or I am going to need crutches.

Update on 20/05/2012

- I heard back but was refused a badge but will probably try again.

- I now use a stick and do have crutches for bad days.