Wednesday, 23 November 2011

it was.. Ok

Today has been ok, my foot has probably not been as bad as yesterday but that's not hard, probably the biggest factor is that I have been able to sit most of the day, this has been greatly encouraged by by partner and although it is better is it still painful, there are still twinges and it does still generally hurt.

I do not think that the job will allow for me keep up this level of sitting without some changes that I am going to have to see if I can implement by having a friendly chat with the boss, the worst that I think can happen is that he will say no.

On another side of things I have been chatting a bit to people on This is nice, I have managed to get in contact with other people with the condition and get their opinion on what I should do, I get the impression that my best bet would be radiation therapy but they do not do that in the UK for Ledderhose as the waiting list for cancer patients is already long enough.So it seems that people think that actually in my case maybe the best option after all is Surgery, it was nice to hear this from other people as I was starting to doubt myself, so many people say don't even think of surgery but I could see no other option, to have other people say maybe it is my best option puts my mind at rest slightly, only slightly mind you... There are still risks and still the appointment with the specialist to do and who knows what they are going to say???

The joys of having a plantar fibroma continue for another day, I even managed to still make the Mrs dinner today :-)