Sunday, 27 November 2011

A good day with Ledderhose

I am happy today, happy with the support that everyone is giving me, happy that today my foot doesn't hurt too much, why does it not hurt too much? Because I haven't done anything on my feet in the last 3 days, this is good news in one way as it means if I do nothing it isn't too painful too much however it also means that I can't do what I want to do.

As I have said I have been struggling with my inability to do housework and lighten the load for the Mrs (well nearly my Mrs) but today rather than dwelling on that I have been trying to find ways round it. One thing I am going to do, if I can find the money, is to buy something like a stall for the Kitchen, this will mean that I may more easily able to help with with the washing and drying up and the cooking. At the moment I am thinking of something like these:

ASDA chair

Argos Chair

I think I prefer the first as after discount is hardly more expensive and it is slightly higher which is the main thing that I want from this.

I also made Christmas Tree Gingerbread, very nice. Going to have a look now and see if I can find anything else that is relatively cheap that might help me out.