Tuesday, 29 November 2011

An ok foot day, bad knee day and only 6 to go

I am kind of annoyed today and for once not at the lump. I had a reasonable day pain wise but I was again not on my feet too much, I will still take the positive from this that my foot is not as painful as it has been. The foot did have a little twinge around 4:15 after which it was quite painful. 

Anyway onto the frustrating part, my partner had dropped me off about 5 minute walk from the seafront so I could get the bus back whilst she gave a lesson, well on the way down to the seafront I managed to tread on some wet leaves that caused my right ankle to twist and go from beneath me, next thing I knew I had hit my left knee and had a nice graze just below the knee... great fun, still I got on the bus and it wasn't too bad, just an annoyance. 

My foot hurt quite a bit on the way back from the bus stop to the flat, so I have been scooting around the living room on a computer chair after treating my knee with a healthy dollop of Savlon. 

Yesterday was a good one as well, I had a lovely evening with the family and my foot didn't hurt too bad throughout the day. 

Only 6 days until my specialist appointment, the Mrs (to be) did some research into the head of the team that I am seeing and it looks like I couldn't be in better hands. 

Both of the guys look like they know what they are talking about and should I end up having to see one of them I know I will be in good hands, and I am sure everyone in their team knows what they are talking about. Right now my foot hurts a lot and I am just sitting here alone waiting for the knackered driving instructor to get home so I can make her dinner and make sure she rests.....