Saturday, 19 November 2011

Frustrating Day

Overall today was not a bad day in the world of my foot, a few twinges here and there, a bit of background pain but overall it was not too bad compared to other days in the last week, don't get me wrong it still hurts like a ....

Anyway I got quite annoyed today when I saw someone pleading for help on an online forum , they had a plantar fibroma and had seen lots of horror stories about how bad it is and how nothing works etc etc (most of which is true) and I was hoping to make contact, to get in touch and give them someone to talk to who also has the same condition and ideally try and get them to talk about it on the free plantar fibroma forum but alas I went to post a reply to them and I couldn't because you had to sign up to this forum and pay $10 in the process. I am all for helping people but why would you post on a forum where most people aren't going to be able to reply.

My advice out there to anyone with this is, most of the time anyway, speak to and listen to your doctor and your foot specialist, sure you may get told online how ever many horror stories about surgery and how nothing works but at the end of the day I am sure most people who have successful surgery aren't out there googling the problem and posting about their hopeless case because it has worked for them. It would be nice to see more stories online where surgery has worked, I have actually seen some in my searches over the last 2 years and others things do help, my steroid injection helped so much for nearly a year, that is a good amount of time, sure at 24 years old 1 year of my life lived a bit better in the long run will not make much difference but in that time I lost a couple of stone, met the girl of my dreams, proposed to her and who knows if all of that would of happened if I had not been able to walk around properly all that time, I certainly hate it that I am now more likely to be the one crying at the end of the day (although I hate her crying as well and sometimes me crying will do that to her).

Overall though today was nice, spent on the Wii (winning at mario karts, bowling and golf (not that I like to brag)).