Thursday, 17 November 2011

Another complaint

Ok so I am sick of complaining, I hate it and I hate it when others do it to me, but seriously this lump in my foot is killing me....

I wake up and I am depressed about it, I can feel the lump and know it is going to hurt, this never used to be the case, even last week there was no pain in the mornings, at least not first things, now, well at least today, it hurts before I have done anything, before I have got up, before I have been on my feet all day.

I work in research and wish I worked into research on this condition, at least there seem to be lots of promising areas of research, none though that are going to help me in time for my wedding, I want to be able to stand at that, I would love to be able to wear my smart shoes and not be worrying about complaining about my foot and having to sit down.

Hopefully things will not get worse today and hopefully it will start to ease off a bit again, but I am really worried about what the doctors will say, surgery is painful, long recovery and not always successful in the long term, but with the pain I am in and the lack of mobility of my feet it is something, no matter how bad that I am really going to have to consider and think about or look into going private but that costs money.