Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Foot again

My original intention when starting this blog was to share my thoughts, mainly on sports and on the occasional major event however that never really took off, too much sport and not enough originality to post.

I don't know if anyone has or will read this but I recently posted on a medical condition I suffer from called plantar fibromatosis also known as Ledderhose disease. It's like walking around with a marble in my arch, I spend most my time limping and walking on the side of my foot, not that anyone other than those that love me can open their eyes wide enough to notice and offer to do the off favour.

This disease and my life with it will now be the main content of this blog, just hope I don't bore too many people and maybe can help someone in a similar condition...

Update one... I cried in my girlfriends arms tonight the pain and the depression that this thing is causing just gets too much from time to time, though this seems to be most of the time at the moment.