Thursday, 17 November 2011

Facebook group

Today I have been doing a bit of looking as has my fiancĂ©e and she found there was a facebook group, I have now joined and here it is:

I haven't posted anything yet myself as although I am not keeping this a secret but I don't want everyone to know just how bad things have gotten, at least I would like them to ask me rather than me shoving it down their throats. Still I guess it would be nice for everyone on there to be able to see my post and if possible learn and get some help from it. I am hoping that the people on their will have some suggestions for me and at the very least it means I have some people in a similar situation to talk to.

Update 20/05/2012: 

I have now posted about the forum and this blog on there but since the group updated to a new system it only has 2 viewers.