Thursday, 24 November 2011

5 things I miss

Having this plantar fibroma is not the end of the world but it does cause me some anguish and I thought I would post some of the things that I miss from before I had the Fibroma:

1) Going for walks with the Mrs (along the beach)

2) Going for a run (on the treadmill)

3) Playing Badminton (I used to play for my local team)

4) Not having to worry in advance whether I am going to have to walk too much. For example I am going to a wedding in December at which I have been told there will be lots of singing but I am not going to be able to stand for that length of time.

5) Not feeling bad about myself, I loved, well I liked to do the work around the house for the Mrs, I still try my best but she is very caring and won't let me do too much now without telling me off, that's right a Mrs who moans at you when you do housework.