Thursday, 24 November 2011

Some understanding

I imagine people would probably be bored of me posting here about my daily pain with plantar fibroma and just generally moaning about Ledderhose this and Ledderhose that which is why I mixed it up this morning with the video showing the effect of plantar fibroma of me not being able to bend my toes, in a way it is nice that there is an obvious symptom which is quite easy to observe even though at the same time it means that I am getting worse and that I am in more pain. 

Today was an interesting day, one of the nice things I have found since I started talking about it a bit more about my plantar fibroma and complaining a little bit rather than staying quiet is that rather than being annoyed (at least outwardly) most people are being extremely helpful and supportive and actually I guess maybe because I haven't been moaning about it are willing to make little changes to their lives so that I am more easily able to live out mine and this means a lot to me. It means a lot to me because pretty much every step either directly or indirectly (as will suffer later) means more pain, so that people will make little changes that means over the course of the day I will make a few hundred less steps is a big deal, a really big deal to me. 

Today I also got through the post my application form for a disabled blue badge for the car, sure I will have to be assessed and may not end up getting one but the fact that when I explained my condition the parking people thought that I might qualify and so sent me the form helps, it might also means that I might end up with a blue badge and might be able to cut out a few hundred more steps. I just hope that all these steps that I am trying to take less off are not doing too much to keep my weight from flying up as I already weigh enough and of course putting on more weight just means putting more weight through the arch which I guess in the end of the day would mean more pain. I am trying to keep my weight down by using slimfast, sounds stupid in my head that I am on that by I do need to keep my weight down and I think that only something as motivating as missing a meal is going to really help in the absence of exercise due to my plantar fibroma. 

Today I also managed to do a reasonable about of sitting, because I work in a lab (unfortunately not on plantar fibroma's or Ledderhose disease) I don't normally get to sit that much, today the pain did get worse but there was less of it as I was standing less.

My outlook for my plantar fibroma and the likelihood of surgery have not changed but I have even more respect for my partners advice.... A little bit of talking can lead to a bit of understanding which can go a long way.

I'm going to end with a picture that basically summarises the video this morning... I think it is clear from this that my left foot is in a bad way.