Monday, 29 May 2017

YouTube Videos

For ages I have been wanting to get back into helping Ledderhose patients a bit more. This year I am doing my 2191 mile challenge and boy is that a challenge! You can track progress on the 2191 challenge on either the following blog or facebook page. 

We could do with some more followers on the facebook page, even if it is just to share our messages to try and raise awareness. Hopefully running the the vests in helping to raise awareness as well. 

I was looking back through some of my past posts and noticed that I have previously made some (not that great?) videos and posted them to YouTube. If you want to watch any of them, and although the sound quality may not be the best I think there is some useful content, you can see them on the following page (at least this works signed in as me!).

Maybe I could make some more videos, things with 2191 are not going amazing I am a bit behind and a few niggles are stopping me from being about to make up the ground that I need to. Luckily Katie is doing an amazing job and hopefully we can reach our combined target of 3191 miles. 

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