Sunday, 2 October 2016

That Sugar Film

Some people may question the relevance of a post on a documentary about sugar on a blog about a rare foot condition however our health is all linked together and I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall well-being since removing sugar from my diet. 

The thing that annoys me however is the criticism I get for being on a low sugar, high fat diet. The science, despite what others may say, is firmly on my side and the theory it is all about calories in against calories out is wrong and the type of calories matter. A lot of my problems with sugar, with calories, with cholesterol and the modern take on these things are very well illustrated in That Sugar Film. 

Personally I recommend that anyone and everyone watch it, the problem is that those that most need to watch it will probably ignore it. The problem is that people think that fat people are just weak of mind when in fact their bodies are less able to process carbohydrates and this causes a host of problems many of which are on the insides of those that are not fat externally.

This post is hopefully going to be the start of me making a stand against sugar. I am fed up of people questioning my way of eating without looking at the evidence. I am proud to say that I am low-carb, healthier and fitter than ever and out of everyone I know I can honestly say I have the healthiest diet of everyone. Ask yourself this.. When did you last eat any of the following, cake, sweets, sugary drinks, fruit juice, bread (yes it is not healthy), beer etc. I can say I have not eaten them, at least in the conventional sugar filled sense, in 20 months and not wanted them for the best part of 18 months.   

In terms of the relevance to these conditions.. It is not known how the conditions are triggered other than the probably genetic element. It is highly likely, due to the reported link to diabetes and thyroid conditions etc, that there is also a hormonal element so I have to question whether I am myself to blame for the development of this painful condition in my foot. Did my sugar levels and poor eating trigger an epigenetic event that caused the onset of the condition. On top of this it was 100% sugar, or at least my inability to a) process it and b) control my eating of it that caused me to be overweight, well obese and certainly being overweight could have been a contributing factor towards the trauma that may have caused the beginnings of this condition. 

Of course the above is conjecture but That Sugar Film is a great way of getting a non-scientific audience to understand the issues at hand. Sugar is addictive and it is not healthy. I urge everyone to please watch this film, it is fairly cheap and I am sure it will be a real eye opening for most.