Saturday, 8 October 2016

Author in a book

I am delighted to say that the new Dupuytren's book that has been published as a result of the conference in Holland last year. I am co-author in 2 of the chapters due to the patient survey that I initiated. I was unable to help too much with the actual writing of the chapters as it came at a busy time time in my life but luckily Anna stepped up and did a fantastic job. I am being sent a free copy of the book and looking forward to it arriving. If anyone wants the book they can get it here

It is funny how things go though, 4 years ago I was giving up my PhD due to the pain that Ledderhose disease was causing me, I put a lot of my life and time into my blog and researching the condition. It was from the blog that I became a trustee for the British Dupuytren's Society and this gave me the confidence to begin the survey. As a result of so many patients filling in the survey I got the chance to present the results at an international medical conference and now my work is published in a book.