Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ditched the Orthotics:

On Saturday I made the brave move to ditch the orthotics from my daily trainers. I have been using them solely for my daily commute (about an hour or so a day) but felt that they were no longer adding anything. The point of the orthotics is no longer to alleviate any pain (as there isn’t any at the moment) but rather to get me back to walking normally instead of on the outside of my foot.

I am now walking correctly and wanted to have the freedom to get any pair of trainers. It is not that I really care about my trainers but that the insoles were huge and really limited by choice, either cheap so I have holes in my shoes after 3 months or super expensive that I don’t want to buy. Happily this time I bought somewhere in the middle and I am finding I am walking fine and they are really comfortable.

This is probably the final change I needed to make to finally get rid of any remnants of this condition. It was probably made possible due to the weight that I have loss this year but it feels good to get rid of them and not have to think so much about my footwear. Hopefully these trainers will last.

Now I am looking forward to Christmas, New Year and the 4 races I have planned for next year, 2 half marathons, a 10k and a 10 miler. I am hoping to do as well as I can in all of them but I still consider myself to be lucky to be running at all, given where I was 3-4 years ago and give the weight I was a year ago it is pretty awesome.

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