Saturday, 19 December 2015

A year of change and no pain

I have commented a lot how this year has been pretty much pain free for me apart from the odd direct bash on the arch of my foot. This year has been massively exciting for me as I have lost a lot of weight, become a decent runner, lost more weight, ditched the orthotics, lost more weight and more. 

I have not had as much time to do Ledderhose related activities as I would like but there also hasn't been as much to do. Of course I went to Groningen and we have announced the BDS FREE membership (please sign up and support use, we promise to not annoy you...)  but other things in my life have taken over. I am now running a lot and getting pretty quick (even for someone who hasn't had a lump in their foot and weighed 19 stone). My main aim remains to run the Brighton Marathon in 2017 and hopefully I can do this to raise money and awareness for the BDS and getting more knowledge out there about Ledderhose. 

The year has certainly been dominated by weight loss. Never thought I would lose as much weight in a year as I have nor ever run as fast as I have, I was aiming for sub 30 not sub 20! A low-carbohydrate high fat lifestyle is frowned upon by many but if you do the research then it is actually easy to do, easy to stick to and for us at least it worked.  

I hope that everyone else has a fantastic 2016 and that everyone with this condition can find relief. If you feel there is something you can contribute towards the blog then please get in touch. My goals for 2016 will be to keep on running, keep on low-carb and spend lots of quality time with my family. Hopefully there will be some interesting things come up for the blog and the BDS. Have a great Christmas and New Year.