Thursday, 23 October 2014

Patient series - Patient 2 Introduction

Today I have an introduction to the second patient on my patient series. 

Initial Background Questions:

Please state your age, gender, country of origin and where you live (if different to origin) and how long you have had the condition?

I'm 54 years old, a female, and from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  My mother's father was from Scotland.  I noticed a bump on one foot about 5 months ago and they have only started to grow and become painful in the last three weeks.  I did a half marathon on September 29th and my feet were very sensitive after that race which was new for me.

Do you have it in both feet or any hands?

I have it in both feet.  I had an ultra sound done and I currently have one medium sized one on my left foot and three small ones on my left foot.  They are currently growing and are mildly painful when sitting. 

Please detail any family history or common risk factors which apply to you:

My mother has Dupuytren's Disease in both hands as did her sister and her mother.

Please list any treatments you have had, the time since you had them, the progress (or lack of) after treatment and any side effects:

I've only had an ultra sound done so far but I'm seeing a Podiatrist on November 18th who I know has ordered Transdermal Verapamil 15% gel for two of his other clients.  I'll find out from him if the other two clients have had any success with it to decide if I should try it as well.  Because they're mildly painful when sitting I'm worried they will progress from there so I will be looking to have Radio Therapy done and am investigating whether Canada actually has someone that does it or not.

Please detail any other information from your past which you think may be relevant and not covered in the monthly questions:


Monthly Questions:

1.   In the last month have you noticed any changes in the pain or size of the nodules? Or have any new nodules have developed? 
I started out with one nodule on my right foot and now have three which have grown in the last three weeks.  The one on my left foot has been growing as well.

2.   Please list a) The maximum pain b) the average pain c) the minimum pain you experienced this month and anything that improved or worsened the pain.
I'm still at the minimum pain stage and have only been using Advil to control it.

3.   In the last month what medication or treatments have you had, please describe in as much detail as possible including whether prescribed or home treatment, if applicable where the treatment was administered, by whom, cost (if happy to share) and how this has impacted the condition. 
Nothing at this point but hope to start something.

4.   Please describe how the condition has impacted you on a daily basis in the last month and any new steps (not treatments) that you have taken to try and alleviate this impact.
I was a co-founder of a walking group where we train 3 times a week so this has very much impacted my life.  Aside from staying off my feet there isn't anything else I can do at this point. 

5.   Please describe the level of exercise that you have been able to achieve this month and any specific diets you have used if you think they have impacted the condition. 
I've been doing Plantar Fasciitis exercises and they seem to be help.  I'm also working with my training to find exercises I can do that won't bother my feet.  I plan on starting to swim.

6.   Please list any other information that you think would be useful. 
 Sorry I don't have any at this point.

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