Monday, 22 September 2014

A bit about me and things

An update on me is probably overdue. Things have been hectic recently which is great. 

As you will have seen over the past month or so I have been hearing about a few new and alternative therapies in Laser treatment and shockwaves. I am always keen to hear about new treatments and although the above 2 are yet to have much evidence for them they are still worth considering. After all every treatment has to start somewhere or it does now, imagine if surgery had never been done for Ledderhose and they conducted a clinical trial on that now.... anyone think it would actually be approved? 

The above 2 interviews both results in long and helpful discussions with the people involved, it is nice to hear how passionate some people are about these things. Sure the shockwaves guy was a salesman but it sounded like he really believed in the product he was selling. It would be nice to be able to try to use the equipment, I have achilles problems after running and knee pain after badminton and it would be great if there was something that could alleviate them (weight loss would but that is a long term goal). What I have just said shows that at least I am still playing badminton and running, this time 2 years ago I was 3 months post RT and starting to improve. Soon I will be adding a post on the progression of Ledderhose based on the mini-survey I am doing and although I do not have many responses it is only going to be an overview, probably just showing that everyone is different. 

Soon I will also be doing my 300th post, this will be a post to celebrate everything that has gone before, passing 150,000 page views and maybe wondering where the future will take me.

The facebook group continues to go from strength to strength and it is exciting to see so many people coming together to share and talk about experiences. The survey results are continuing to come in and we can already see some interesting trends. 

I have entered the blog into the UK blog awards, whether it will go anywhere I don't know but if it results in 1 person gaining some knowledge on the condition then it was worth entering. I am not sure if my blog is award worthy in terms of layout etc but I am hoping that the sheer amount of unique content and the number of people it has helped give it a chance of doing something. 

I have also had some sad family news recently, it is fair to say that I don't feel that Ledderhose and Dupuytren's get their share of the limelight but then they aren't life threatening even if they can make your life really suck. Being told you have Ledderhose or Dupuytren's is much more of an "Oh" thing rather than many other conditions where you are left speechless and in that sense I can fully understand the amount of research and money that goes into preventing and curing other conditions. Hopefully they can hurry up and cure those and then crack on with these conditions! 

There is so much going on in life that finding time for the blog and related matters is not always easy. What with working a full-time job, spending time with my amazing daughter and wife, helping my wife in setting up her new business (please feel free to like her Facebook page and if you are in SE England then order some cakes, they are really yummy just look at my waistline), doing some badminton coaching and much more time is very precious. Thank you to everyone that helps in anyway, whether it be with a nice comments, helping someone or answering their question on the Facebook group so I don't have to or whatever, thank you. 

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