Monday, 26 November 2012

How was the holiday for my foot?

As I have made aware I went on holiday recently and here are some of the things that happened in that time that I felt were worth mentioning because they related to my foot.

Cottage we stayed in

1) I still really have large limitations.

On the Friday before going away I needed to get a train ticket in my lunch break to ensure that I would not miss the train from having to queue. This is a 20 minute trip each way and 10 minutes standing for the queue to go, at the end my lump hurt a bit but my ankles were killing me. This was without the stick.

2) I still have to be careful about not stepping on things.

On holiday there was a shoe mat as it gets quite muddy outside. What I did not realise though was that this had quite a large lip on the side, I stepped on this with my bad foot and only just missed my lump, I still had to sit down for a couple of minutes to let the pain ease, if it had hit the lump who knows with how painful it was I might have cried!

3) Cold is not good.

As I mentioned just before going away cold is still not good, the floors in the cottage we stayed in got very cold (I am used to under-floor heating) therefore my feet got cold when out of my thermal socks, this meant my arch hurt but I really couldn't place the pain in the lump as much as I cold last year.

I think that is everything that springs to mind, thanks again everyone who gets in touch, over the holiday I was contacted by 6 people (some old some new) and it was really nice to get those messages. I have also noticed a slight increase in the number of Google +1 clicks the site has had (the little red +1 button on the right) which is great.