Sunday, 25 November 2012

Analysis of Demographics looking at my YouTube Videos

Today I am having a look at the statics on my YouTube account as I thought there were some interesting results on there given the 'standard' patient. So as I am sure many of you are aware the standard description of a Dupuytren's or Ledderhose patient is probably a 50+ year old male (other factors are not relevant for the stats that I can get from YouTube as it doesn't tell me if they smoke or drink).

When looking at the YouTube statistics it is interesting to learn that most of the viewers are between 40 and 65 years old with very few being over 65 and I suspect this is probably due to the lack of knowledge of YouTube  rather than anything else.

However there are actually more (just) page-views by women than there are by men. Now I think it would be wrong to suggest that all of these viewers are patients, after all my wife looked at loads of stuff for me and she is not a patient. I have also been contacted by several women who are doing research for their partners so it seems probable that the reason there are more female viewers than male viewers is because they are looking it up for family when inconsiderate men aren't doing that. Naughty men, though I would have though given the male to female ratio of patients that the patients looking up the condition would outweigh the caring nature of women.

So nothing particularly revealing but I thought quite interesting, also most views are coming from UK and USA, this is probably due to the language spoken as I think this is used by YouTube to target viewers / order results and not because there are more patients in these countries.