Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Limits and sore feet

I have posted previously about how I am exercising and trying to walk a bit now along with trying use the exercise bike to lose weight and I am losing weight. One of the people that I am in touch with was worried that I would push too hard and increase the chances of it coming back and I am of course not wanting to do this. 

I think though that my feet are good at telling me when I am reaching my limits and therefore I take a break, sit or stop when I can . I have only had one time when it has really gotten to me. I was going to the cricket at the same time as PRIDE was on in Brighton and this meant that the buses were not running right through where I need  to go so I had to walk, against the crowd to get where I wanted to go. My wife had to park a long way from the ground and we had to go up and top up the parking meter and ended up making that trip several times and I was in a lot of pain to the point that when we left my wife went and go the car and then I drove us home. 

Left - Radiated foot
Right - non radiated foot
I am happy to say though that by the next day I was fine which is in huge contract to how I was before the radiotherapy. This happening did remind me how little time ago I was in so much pain from walking and not to push things too much and I am sticking mainly to the exercise bike as this seems to cause no problems for my foot. 

On the other side of things my foot has been quite dry and I have been getting as my wife puts it dry bubbles, they kind of look like blisters but they don't really hurt, I am back  to having to apply E45 and actually remembering to have to do it as my foot is that dry again. This bubble is visible in the picture of my left foot, it is near the bottom of the irradiated ring. This has kind of opened up now but the base of my foot is still very dry and I am still using E45. Hopefully I can continue to exercise and lose weight and this will help 

Best of luck to everyone out there who has these conditions, please do post anything constructive that you might have on here or on the forum.