Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cycling for charity

For those who do not know one of the exercises that I have found very doable since having the radiotherapy on my foot has been cycling. I have used this to lose a lot of weight and now to raise money for charity. At work we have 3 different teams that are all each completing an Iron Man challenge which is basically an extreme triathlon. I did not feel like a swim and I really can't do the run so I offered to do a five mile bike ride. 

Over the past few weeks a five mile bike ride has become routine to me so on the day I decided to push myself and I ended up doing 20 miles, sure my bum hurt and my legs were killing me for a couple of hours but importantly my foot did not hurt after doing 20 miles. I am now going to aim to maybe do the London to Brighton bike ride in 2 years time. I mean it is only 54 miles and although there are some hills that also means there are some slopes whilst on the exercise bike this morning it was a constant pace for an hour and a half.
I am happy to say that the company have so far raised over £6000 and if you would like to chip in a few pennies then go to this Just Giving page.

Right now I am hoping that in the long run this cycling will lead to me getting down to a healthy weight and a healthy foot but for now I will settle for raising money. This 5 mile was also my initial kick start to get into cycling and my health kick and perhaps a long term goal with a few smaller ones along the way might keep me going for longer and get me into the kind of shape that I want to be in. 

Now for the celebrations we are going out for a Curry, though I will hopefully not eat too many calories and can kick a few more pounds this week. The foot is still dry and is still on the odd occasion painful but fingers crossed everything will work out fine.